What We Do

Latin America mural section


Our Institute is concerned with addressing and studying the various issues of discrimination and racism, as well as cultural and educational barriers that many Latin American communities can encounter.  LARI’s aim is to educate decision makers and to influence policies that can improve the quality of life of Latin American communities in Canada.

We also would like to encourage full and active participation of Latin American communities in Canadian society.


We promote the investigation and study of economic, social, political, cultural, and linguistic topics in order to increase knowledge and understanding of Latin American issues in Canada.


LARI's programs are aimed to educate Canadians, in the values of multicultural education, in order to facilitate  communication and respect among different cultures.

We also encourage new generations to effectively express themselves in English and Spanish by participating in various social, educational, and cultural events within the community.

In the future, our Institute aspires to become a resource for Hispanic communities and Canadian educational institutions that are involved in teaching Spanish language programs. It will strive to maintain a library and provide a suitable meeting place for community activities.


Our organization hopes to provide a necessary platform and space for communities to actively interact and participate in social and cultural activities.