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The Latin American and Rebel Pope

Francis & people

Argentinean Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the first non-European on the papal throne in over a thousand years, has quickly become a favourite of Catholic religion –with over 1,3 billion faithful in the world– and even more so of non-believers and the media.

The World Prepares for the Dollar's Collapse

Dollar squeezed

The world is preparing to face a coming collapse of the US dollar. Western allies are flocking to join the new China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), while the United States and World Bank sit on the sidelines and lecture them about "appropriate" financial governance.

Eduardo Galeano: Original and Profound

Essential writer

I thought to delve into some outstanding issues from an article that Pagina 12 published today on the Summit of the Americas. But shortly after arriving from Colombia — where I had the honour of participating in a variety of activities at the World Peace Summit for Art and Culture — I was overwhelmed by the news of the death of Eduardo Galeano.

"Venezuela Is Not a Threat, But a Hope"

Venezuela mural

We are the people of Simon Bolívar, our people believe in peace and respect for all nations.

Freedom and Independence

More than two centuries ago, our fathers founded a Republic on the basis that all persons are free and equal under the law.

Greece and the Latin American Path

Tsipras&greekpeopleWhen Alexis Tsipras was appointed prime minister of Greece, as a main result of the victory of the radical leftist coalition Syriza which he led in the parliamentary elections of January 25, some political scientists in Latin America and other countries saw certain similarities between the ongoing political events in Greece and those in Latin America in recent decades.

Neither by Force nor Seduction Shall Cuba Fall


After 53 years without diplomatic relations, the governments of the United States and Cuba announced their willingness to resume them and start a process aimed at normalizing bilateral relations.

The most immediate effect of this agreement was an exchange of prisoners that allowed Cuba to recover three of the five heroic fighters against terrorism who had remained in US prisons after the other two had completed their long and unj

A Day of Revolutionary Reaffirmation

Heroes and Raul

December 17, 2014 will go down in Latin American history as the day on which the Cuban revolution, triumphant since 1959, was finally accepted by the US government as an irreversible fact, thereby recognizing the legitimacy of the road opened by Cuba for all the peoples of Latin America to move towards the affirmation of their political independence.

September 26: Night of Iguala, Mexico’s Dawn

State terrorism

It has been two long and horrific months since the disappearance of 43 students from the Normal of Ayotizinapa and still there is no justice.

Triple Win for the Latin American Left

Victory celebration

The double win in Brazil and Uruguay of the candidates of the left, coupled with the recent resounding victory in Bolivia, have come to confirm a sustained political trend that is becoming more determinant in all of Latin America. This is to the detriment of the supremacy once enjoyed by the traditional oligarchies dependent on Washington.

Latin America Is With Dilma

Dilma and people

Polls were predicting the closest race for the presidency of Brazil in the history of the South American giant after the era of its military dictatorships.

There were several candidates and it was not expected that in the first round of the electoral event, on October 5, there would be one candidate with enough votes to decide the issue on the first round.