Our Objectives

The Objectives of the Latin American Research Institute are:

  1. To foster and develop Latin American cultural values in the context of Canada’s Multiculturalism Act.

  2. To promote the investigation and study of economic, social, political, cultural, and linguistic topics in order to increase the knowledge and understanding of issues related to the development of Spanish speaking communities in Canada.

  3. To contribute in the development of strategies that facilitates full and active participation of Spanish speaking communities in Canadian society.

  4. To educate Canadians under the values of multicultural education to make possible international communication and respect among different cultures.

  5. To encourage new generations to effectively use and express themselves in English and Spanish.

  6. To procure the delivery of diverse lectures on social, education, economic, and cultural issues.

  7. To carry out workshops, seminars, conferences, forums, and exhibits.

  8. To become a resource and information centre for the Hispanic communities and educational institutions involved in the teaching of Spanish language programs.

  9. To promote the understanding of Spanish speaking communities and its contributions to the Canadian society.

  10. To establish and maintain a library and provide a suitable meeting place for the various activities of the community.