About Us

Latin America mural

The Latin American Research Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and development of Latin American values.  Primarily committed to preserving the historical and cultural values of Chilean Canadian communities through the investigation and study of economic, social, political, and cultural topics.  It also has the mission of educating Canadians on multicultural issues through various types of seminars and workshops, and by providing services and resources to educational institutions.

Who We Are

The Latin American Research Institute (LARI) is an Alberta based, non-profit, multicultural organization, incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act, active and in good standing according to the Alberta Corporate Registry.

For over seven years, we have been promoting Latin American cultural values among Canadians through lectures, forums and workshops to discuss and analyse various social, political and cultural issues.

At the same time, we have been working on our fundamental mandate, which is to develop and carry out a research project on the issue of the Chilean immigration to Canada. We are currently implementing the research proposal entitled “Chileans in Canada: A Historical, Political, and Social Study of Chilean Immigration”.